Autonomous Biodrone
Start Date: September 2014
End Date: Ongoing Description: Designed and built an autonomous quadrocopter with attached camera. Wrote software to accurately predict human position while in flight. For aid in search and rescue applications. Skills used include systems engineering, hardware/ software engineering, data mining and image analysis. Ongoing.
Link to GitHub Repo
General Layout
Camera Mod
Remove IR Filter
Isolate CMOS chip
Flight Planning Software
The Flight Planner used is a (self) modified version of APM FLight Planner. You are able to control location, altitude, camera and speed before mission.
The Current Prototype
The current prototype of the drone, equipped with PID controller, 4 brushless motors with couples electric speed controllers, gps, 6-channel transceiver, 3 MP (IR modified) camera with microphone.
More depictions of the quadcopter
Future Steps:
Second prototype which will be larger and powered with a more powerful controller (RaspberryPi) capable of onboard computation.
First Person View Capability- this is to say a video transceiver/reviever attached to an LCD screen on land.
Further imlementation of IR clustering algorithm to determing humans on ground.