EMG Smart Clothing
Start Date: September 2014
End Date: Ongoing Description: In the process of developing compression shirt and shorts with embedded electromyography (EMG) sensors which are capable of detecting voltage changes in skeletal muscle. Data mining to match muscle movement to condition and suggest viable treatment. Data sync to smartphone app and computer interface.
Link to GitHub Repo
Depiction of raw data (left) and cleaned data (right) of torso rotation. It is easy to determine more accurately when the subject is moving and the algorithm accurately predicts how far the subject's torso is rotating.
Example of Software with Microsoft Kinect Sensor used to verify motion used by the shirt via motion tracking. The project has since determined statistically relevant results as to not need verification. Future Steps: Determine all types of motion with statistical significance in algorithmically guessing.
Algorithms accounts for gender/ age difference in amplitude/ frequency of signal.
Second prototype that will include water-proof and completely embedded sensors and circuitry.
App Development (ongoing)