Matthew Mazzuca
Hello my name is Matthew Mazzuca. I am a third year Engineering Science student at the University of Toronto, currently specializing in biomedical engineering. In this program, I have had the opportunity to develop knowledge and practical experience in every stream of engineering. I have also been exposed to a broad range of leading edge engineering principles, tools and practices, with emphasis on designing, building and testing engineering systems. I have mastered computer languages in C, C++, Java, Python and MATLAB as well as practices associated with civil engineering, chemical engineering, bioengineering, electrical/ computer engineering, advanced mathematics and robotics. My specialization in Biomedical Engineering has allowed me to apply this knowledge to biological and technological problems. Over the years, I have had also had employment and volunteer experiences that have allowed me to develop strong leadership, analytical, communication and interpersonal skills. I am focused, determined and have strong time management skills. I can work well both independently and collaboratively with a team. I am excited by new opportunities, take pride in my work and always look for solutions beyond the expectations. Please find below a portfolio of my work and a detailed description of my experiences.
Here are some things I've been working on...
Link to GitHub Repos
Photoshop AutoCAD HTML Java
Solidworks C++
Undergraduate Researcher- Kilkenny Lab
University of Toronto- Toronto, Ontario
- Lab focus: Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. Specifically in reference to targeted FGF protein signalling in a diabetic mouse model.
- Responsible for control system development of engineered insulin secreting cells. Undergraduate Researcher- Gradinaru Lab
University of Toronto- Toronto, Ontario
- Biophysics Lab which employs advanced laser and detection technology in order to capture conformational dynamics and molecular interaction at the single-molecule level.
- Responsible for assembling, programming and maintaining: flourimeter and spectral scanner, alternating laser excitation and confocal microscope, data collection, interface development. Engineering Intern- Jablonsky, Ast and Partners
Toronto, Ontario
-Duties included: creating engineering plans, AutoCAD, load analysis and distribution, safety checking, shop drawing analysis and site supervision. Conducted regular inspections on construction sites and completed supervision reports. Adhered to construction safety practices Website/ App Development
Toronto, Ontario
- Extensive experience in both app and website development for multiple companies and personal endeavors. Lifeguard/ Swimming Instructor/ Camp Leader
Vaughan, Ontario
- Provided swim instruction for all levels of swimming (including Preschool, Adults and Special Needs)
- Scheduled for lifeguard duties on a weekly relief rotation
- Ensured protection and safety of all swimmers in the pool area
- Camp leader; responsible for approximately 20 children per week
Work Experience Bachelor of Applied Science and Engineering-
Engineering Science- Biomedical Engineering Relevant Courses: Introduction to Neural Networks, Control Systems, Tissue/ Cell Engineering, Robotic, Design, Organic Chemistry, C, C++ and Data Structures, Python and Algorithms, Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer, Structures and Materials, Praxis
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